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Ethnic designs re-purposed for the modern world.


Exposure to different eye catching textiles was a routine experience for me during my childhood in Kenya.  Frequent trips to my parent's motherland of India amplified my exposure to different textiles.  Added to this mix was my father's professional background as a textile engineer which further helped me learn about different spinning, weaving and dyeing processes.  All this ultimately led to my life long love for textiles.

Ethnic textiles exude a warmth and spirit that is intangible. These textiles have soul, as we like to say at Kudu Gear.  Many textiles when transported out of their element only serve as a souvenir of a memorable trip at best, but we look for textiles that translate or are re-purposed for the modern world, and are usable on a daily basis
while still showing off the exemplary culture of their origins.  

Responsible Trade 

We source our products from groups or companies that operate ethically, compensate workers fairly, and embrace stewardship toward the environment and communities they operate in. 

We hope you enjoy this little part of the world that we bring you. Visit us often as we strive to expand this delightful selection, and don't forget to let your friends know about us.

Want to retail Kikoys?


Our kikoy selection is the most extensive in the U.S and the current selection of kikoys is perfect for women and men, and a perfect addition to eclectic clothing boutiques or gift shops.  The current target market is the United States of America, though we are happy to work out a supply chain to other countries on a case by case basis. If you are interested in retailing Kikoys, or have any questions, please contact us using the contact form.

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