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Our kikoy selection is the most extensive in the U.S and the current selection of kikoys is perfect for women and men.  These versatile fabrics can used as swim suit cover ups (much like a sarong), scarves, beach throws, baby carrier, and much much more.  The possibilities are as boundless as your imagination.


History of Kikoys

Kikoys have been worn in Kenya and the East African region for centuries.  Originally worn by fishermen, the kikoy used to be a simple white wrap-around with colored stripes or striped borders.  The modern kikoy’s color pallet personifies the vivacious Kenyan culture, and is gaining global appeal as a fashion accessory.


Our Selection

Authentic kikoys, like ours, are manufactured in East Africa and woven out of dyed cotton yarn; not printed.  There are factories in India and China trying to cash in on the popularity of Kikoys, but can't match the quality, creativity, and are often printed rather than woven out of colored cotton yarn.  These kikoys are ethically produced in Kenyan factory we have visited that provides fair working wages and a modernized clean and safe working environment. The fringes on authentic kikoys are meticulously hand-braided in a traditional manner and provide crucial employment, with good wages, for women in Kenya skilled at doing this job.  The interplay of  warp and weft yarn colors create a complexity not possible with printed designs often found in cheaper kikoys from India and China.


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